The B®icks!

Yorkshire Pud

Paul hails from God’s Own County of Yorkshire. Tight as a tightly tightened nut, The Pud brings a little knowledge and plenty of quips!

Bringing 25+ years experience in education with over 20 years in senior leadership or advisory positions, watch out for the favourite topics of conversation – Yorkshire’s Barcelona, Ofsted and money!

Favourite pint – Ghost Ship

Football Team – York City

Destination – Budapest

Marmite? – Love it!

Car – VW Camper

Bury Bawler

Originally from Kent but now frequenting most hostelries in the Bury area of East Anglia, Greg brings his quick wit and sarcasm!

With over 25 years in education and a wealth of experience of senior Leadership, Greg has lots of views on the world of education that he isn’t afraid to share! The major downside is he is a West Ham fan!

Favourite pint – Speckled Hen

Football Team – West Ham

Destination – Amsterdam

Marmite? – Love it!

Car – Land Rover

“More entertaining than a slap stick black and white movie”

“Mr. C. Chaplin 1915”